BotoxⓇ in Fort Mill, SC

botox culp dental Experienced Treatment for Natural-Looking Skin

Our skilled dentists provide BotoxⓇ in Fort Mill, SC, for facial lines and wrinkles. With a fully natural appearance, trusted products like BotoxⓇand XeominⓇ can help soften and relax your wrinkles. Both injection procedures involve little to no downtime, are quick, efficient in terms of cost, and are minimally invasive. We provide high-quality outcomes thanks to our extensive dental training and expertise, boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem.

BotoxⓇ Treatment Complements Your Healthy Smile

One of the safest medical procedures is BotoxⓇ, which doesn’t require anesthesia. Botulinum toxin type A, which is present, is injected into specific facial muscles to momentarily stop their action. FDA-approved BotoxⓇ has been used for years by licensed medical practitioners to block nerve impulses and relax the muscles in the face and forehead for a smooth, natural appearance.

Original Technology to Enhance Your Appearance

An FDA-approved, pure protein called XeominⓇ is used to reduce tiny wrinkles around the mouth, between the eyes, and on the forehead. It differs from other treatments because it is created using an original method called XTRACT Technology™, which eliminates unneeded proteins and leaves behind those that are necessary for a successful course of treatment. Only you will be aware that your skin is receiving a small boost thanks to XeominⓇ’s natural, undetectable action.

xeomin culp dentalAlternative Benefits of Injectibles

The relaxed face muscles produced by BotoxⓇ and XeominⓇ, in addition to their aesthetic advantages, are also useful in the treatment of the following dental conditions:

  • A gummy smile as a result of a high lip line
  • Getting used to new dentures
  • TMD & grinding teeth
  • Heavy perspiration & facial swelling
  • Improving & modifying your smile

Enjoy No Downtime Following Treatment

Following BOTOXⓇ or XeominⓇ injections, there is no downtime. After your procedure, you should start to see a difference in four to five days. Full results should appear after two weeks, and the aesthetic advantages typically continue for four to six months. Ibuprofen or aspirin users may occasionally have slight bruising. During your session, we’ll go over more details and address any queries you may have.

Learn More About BOTOXⓇ in Fort Mill, SC

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  • A discussion about your goals and concerns
  • A thorough exam and oral cancer screening
  • Digital X-rays
  • The development of a custom treatment plan

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