One of the most common dental procedures you’ll encounter, fillings are a simple, non-invasive method for restoring tooth health after it’s been affected by a cavity. Fillings are an important part of our General Dentristry practice.

What is a Filling?

Generally speaking, a filling means cleaning an infected tooth, removing bacteria and replacing any fissures or damaged areas with filling material. Simple fillings can be a fast, relatively painless process with only a few special instruments. Feel free to ask us more while you’re in the chair — Dr. Culp is happy to walk you through the process and address any questions to help put you at ease.

Preserve your smile

Fillings have come a long way with advances in technology and composite materials.  If you have a filling that needs to be replaced, or a cavity that needs to be treated, we provide the most durable and aesthetically pleasing option available.  Our ceramic fillings are virtually invisible to the naked eye due to the amazing color matching characteristics and stability the material offers.  Additionally, this ceramic filling allows us to preserve significantly more of the healthy dental hard tissue when compared with traditional fillings.

How Can I prevent Fillings?

Routine hygiene is a good place to start. By establishing regular brushing and flossing habits, patients can help prevent fillings before they happen. It’s also important to maintain a balanced diet that avoids too much sugar, starch or other cavity-producing ingredients.

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