Culp Dental offers root canal therapy in Rock Hill, SC. We perform the latest technologies and treatments to help preserve your natural teeth and your oral health. Our dentists treat you with compassion and caring, and do everything possible to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Why is root canal therapy needed?

There are several different reasons why a tooth would be a candidate for root canal therapy. Trauma, deep decay, spontaneous and lingering pain, swelling, and intense pressure sensitivity can all be signs that a tooth would need root canal therapy. These symptoms can help give an indication that then the nerve inside of a tooth is damaged to the point that it can no longer heal on its own.

What is root canal therapy?

A root canal procedure not only preserves the teeth, but it also improves the appearance of teeth darkened by infection. This procedure prevents you from having to undergo costly restoration or replacement of teeth.

What is the procedure?

After numbing the area, the dentists at Culp Dental create an opening on the surface of the tooth so the decayed tissue and bacteria can be removed. A special instrument is used to remove nerve fibers and clean out infected tissues from the root canal. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and filling material is inserted. A final filling (or build-up) is applied to the surface and a crown may need be placed over the tooth.

Is it painful?

Is it painful?

You may have heard that root canals are painful, but most of our patients report that they are no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed. Let us know if you are very anxious; Culp Dental offers some forms of sedation dentistry to help our patients relax.