At Culp Dental, we understand that anxiety may prevent you from seeing your dentist regularly. That’s why we offer some forms of sedation dentistry in Rock Hill, SC — to help apprehensive, fearful patients relax during dental procedures so they can get the treatment they need.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help your body and mind relax so you feel peaceful during treatment. Unless you get general anesthesia, you are awake — but relaxed — during your procedure.

What types of sedation do the dentists at Culp Dental provide?

  • Inhaled minimal sedation means that you breathe nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”) combined with oxygen through a mask so you can relax. It wears off quickly so you can drive yourself home.
  • Oral sedation is taken by mouth an hour before your procedure. You remain awake but drowsy or groggy, depending on the dosage prescribed. When a patient is orally sedated, they are required to have someone accompany them at their dental appointments to provide transportation.

Is sedation right for me?

Sedation is most appropriate for dental patients with a real fear or anxiety of the dentist, those with a low pain threshold, patients who cannot sit still, those with a bad gag reflex and patients requiring an extensive amount of dental work.

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Sedation is generally safe when administered by an experienced dentist like the ones at Culp Dental. However, you should always tell your dentist about all your health conditions and any medications you are taking. Discuss any concerns and risks with your dentist before proceeding.