Frequently Asked Questions

General Information


Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients at our practice. We have been a leading dental provider in the area since 1981 and cannot wait to help you and your family on your journey toward a healthier smile. We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Please complete our online request form or call 803-324-2921.


Do you see children?

Absolutely! We are happy to provide dental care for patients age 3 and older. Our team is experienced in creating a comfortable and friendly environment for young patients. You can learn more about our pediatric dentistry here. We are happy to schedule an appointment for your child or your entire family. Please complete our online request form or call 803-324-2921 to get started.


What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with some Friday availability.


Do you see patients on Saturdays?

At this time, we do not have Saturday appointments available.


When is your next available appointment?

Appointment availability will depend on the treatment needed. For example, are you in need of an emergency appointment or a routine cleaning? We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Please complete our online request form or call 803-324-2921.


I need to cancel my appointment.

We understand that cancellations happen. Please call 803-324-2921 and our team will be happy to get you rescheduled as quickly as possible. Please note our schedule does fill quickly.


Insurance and Payment Information


Do you offer free consultations?

Unfortunately, our office doesn’t offer free consultations at this time.


How much will my treatment cost?

To provide accurate pricing information, we need to know the specific treatment or procedure you are inquiring about. We encourage you to schedule a consultation or contact our office directly at 803-324-2921. Our team will be happy to assist you with pricing details.


Why is the cost of a dental cleaning so expensive?

The cost of a dental cleaning reflects the professional expertise, time, and materials required to perform a thorough cleaning and maintain a high standard of hygiene. It also covers the use of specialized equipment, sterilization procedures, and ongoing training to provide you with the best possible care.


Why did I get a bill, I thought I paid for everything when I came in.

We’d be happy to help determine why a bill was sent. Common reasons a bill is received even after payment is made in the office include:
  • Your insurance deductible was not met.
  • The allotment in your insurance plan was already maxed out.
  • Your insurance had a frequency limitation.

We encourage you to call our office at 803-324-2921 to get a full understanding of why a bill was generated.


Will you file claims with my insurance company?

Yes, we do file insurance claims on behalf of our patients. We understand the importance of maximizing your insurance benefits and will assist you in navigating the process.


Do you know how much my insurance will pay toward my visit?

The exact coverage and benefits provided by your insurance plan can vary depending on the terms of your policy. Our office will enter your policy and our system will estimate what your policy will cover and what your portion may be. If you like, we can send in a pre-treatment request for you and notify you when it’s returned.


Does your office accept Medicaid?

Unfortunately, our office is not part of the Medicaid network.


Do you accept CareCredit?

Yes, we accept CareCredit as a payment option. CareCredit offers convenient financing options for dental treatments, allowing you to receive the care you need while managing your budget. Our office is also affiliated with Sunbit. You can learn more about Sunbit and apply for financing here.


Does your office accept payment plans?

Yes, we offer in-house payment plans with Sunbit. You can learn more about Sunbit and apply for financing here.


Dental Procedure Information

Does your office perform root canals, implants, or extractions?

Yes, our office provides a range of dental services, including endodontic treatments (root canals), dental implants, and extractions. Our skilled dentists can address your specific needs. Please call our office at 803-324-2921 to schedule a consultation for a detailed and personalized treatment plan.


Do I have to take new X-rays if I’ve had them at another office?

In some cases, we may be able to use existing X-rays from another office if they meet our quality standards and provide the necessary diagnostic information. However, if the X-rays are outdated or do not meet our requirements, we may need to take new ones to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
When you fill out your New Patient Paperwork, there is a portion in the file where you can sign a records request and we will submit it to your previous provider for all images and chart notes.


Why do I need my teeth cleaned before I whiten them?

Cleaning your teeth before whitening is important because it removes surface stains, plaque, and tartar that can interfere with the effectiveness of the whitening process. A clean surface allows the whitening agents to work more evenly and efficiently, leading to better and longer-lasting results.


If I do whitening but have restorative needs, can I whiten my teeth later?

Yes, after your treatment has been completed you will be able to whiten. Our dentists can evaluate your specific case and provide personalized recommendations.

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