Culp Dental Teeth Whitening makes for Strong, White, Healthy Teeth

Teeth Whitening

For whiter teeth, visit the professionals at Culp Dental in Rock Hill, SC to discuss the teeth whitening options unique for your smile!

Why Schedule a Teeth Whitening?

Unfortunately, yellowed teeth can often lead to self- consciousness in adults. Some adults may even begin trying to hide their smile. These are common causes of yellowing teeth:
  • Food and drink with intense color pigments can stain teeth. Drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine are particularly harmful.

  • Smoking and the associated chemicals, tar and nicotine, create stubborn stains on teeth.

  • Age causes yellowing. As we age, the enamel wears down, allowing more of the yellowish dentin inside your teeth to show through.

  • Trauma can cause a reaction that leads to an increase in dentin, which is the darker layer under the enamel.

  • Medications may cause discoloration of the teeth. Young children exposed to antibiotics during teeth formation may see discoloration of their adult teeth.

  • Chemotherapy and head and neck radiation may also darken teeth.

How Does Culp Dental Whiten Teeth?

Custom whitening trays with at-home treatment products contain carbamide peroxide gel: The substance applied to a custom tray molded to fit your teeth. There are different strengths of the whitening gel available based on the patient’s history of sensitivity and the level of whitening desired.

Is It Safe?

Most patients experience some mild to moderate tooth sensitivity after whitening, which is temporary in most cases.  The overuse of whitening products can lead to increased and unnecessary sensitivity. Be sure to talk to the dentist at Culp Dental about any concerns and don’t whiten more than recommended.

flash those pearly whites