An extraction means having a tooth removed. The experienced dentists at Culp Dental have been performing tooth extraction in Rock Hill, SC for decades. Although permanent teeth are intended to last a lifetime, extraction is recommended for various reasons.

Why are teeth extracted?

Tooth extraction is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Disease such as decay or periodontitis that has caused extensive damage to the tooth
  • Severe damage or trauma from cracking, breakage or injury that makes repair infeasible
  • Crowding that may block other (permanent) teeth from erupting
  • Orthodontics that requires extraction to make space for the improved teeth alignment
  • Cost of restoration is prohibitive, especially is the prognosis for the tooth is not good

What is simple extraction?

A simple extraction can be accomplished from above the gum line using traditional instruments. Teeth that have straight roots and enough solid tooth structure that can be grasped with the instruments are good candidates for simple extraction.

What can I expect?

What can I expect?

At Culp Dental, your dentist numbs the area before the extraction to reduce pain. Afterward, a small amount of bleeding is normal and a blood clot will form at the site of the extraction. To make your recovery easier, avoid smoking and rinsing your mouth vigorously, don’t drink through a straw for 24 hours and follow our diet recommendations. Take any prescribed medications as directed. While you can brush and floss other teeth, don’t clean the teeth next to the site of the extraction. Call Culp Dental to report any swelling or excessive pain you experience.